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Business Software Solutions

Touch Systems was founded in 1989 in Solihull, UK and provides a wide range of custom development and business software solutions to various industries including automotive, manufacturing and contracting. Fully engaging with customers to understand mission-critical business goals is the key to our success. Every system we provide is based on solid unified thinking, where we and the client share thoughts and experiences along an enjoyable journey to the best possible outcome.

Our business software solutions target new gains and solve existing pains, enabling growth, efficiency and profitability to flourish. We challenge regular methods, offer new technologies and draw upon proven results to introduce happier, more efficient working throughout the organisation. Both established blue chips and progressive small businesses realise their ambitions confidently using Touch Systems’ range of products. Workflow mapping, real-time reporting, detailed functionality and accredited processes contribute to transformational change. Scalability is limitless thanks to our proactive client relationship culture. We offer future direction, ideas for enhancements and strong customer relationship management to ensure return on investment is an ever-increasing process.

Simply, we drive our customers to succeed.

Business Software Solutions

Touch Systems was founded in 1989 in Solihull, UK and provides a wide range of custom development and business software solutions to various industries including automotive, manufacturing and contracting. 

Simply, we drive our customers to succeed.

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FLAGS Software

The Touch Systems journey began in 1989 with the creation of FLAGS, a quality inspection system designed by our software developers to help global companies enhance their production line manufacturing performance.

Now, many aspirational brands including Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley use FLAGS to drive leaner manufacturing and right first time success. Learn more 

Clarity Software

Clarity Software was born in 2001 to provide progressive businesses with the perfect solution to develop and grow a successful company.

Simplifying the needs of a small business into one joined up system, Clarity’s locally installed, mobile app and cloud-based solutions offer custom business development designed to maximise margins and profits. Learn more

Our Services

Consultancy & Design

The most important part of any project is the goal. Whether it’s reducing costs, saving time or increasing profit margins, our primary focus is to learn the key objectives and understand the reasons for getting there. Only then do we take to the drawing board and design the ultimate business workflow using software.

Custom Development

Our passion is seeing how our software can impact businesses and transform profitsAlthough the principles of business are common amongst all of us, there are elements that make each of us unique.

Often these need to be built into a software workflow to complete the process map and ensure maximum optimisation for the business. We relish these challenges. 

Installation & Configuration

Assured system configuration ensures return on investment is optimised from the start. Being agile in our pre-sales consultancy allows for the right methodologies to be agreed and for the installation plan to be successful. Our team manages the entire software implementation schedule, taking you on the road to better working.


Product Training

The easier the system is to use, the quicker the ROITraining is never overlooked at Touch Systems. The best results come from a comprehensive user understanding of the application functions and process flows, so everything transforms faster. We empower users with on-site training, seminars, webinars, workshops and online videos at the right pace.


Confidence in new technology soars when it’s backed up by a reliable support team. Touch Systems’ passionate and approachable team builds customer relationships that add to your success, attentively listening to enquiries and capably considering the big picture in every answer. Telephone support, website call logging, live chat and more makes contacting us an easy and welcoming experience.








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