About Touch Systems Ltd

Touch Systems Ltd started its journey to becoming one of the top software development companies in the UK with a revolutionary idea in 1989 by two former IBM colleagues from the West Midlands to make life easier for assembly manufacturers. Running on pen-based touch screen device technology as the name suggests, early software products enabled Jaguar Land Rover to take quality readings at their production line, implement statistical process control (SPC) and capture visual ‘attribute’ data.

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About Touch Systems Ltd

Touch Systems Ltd started its journey to becoming one of the UK’s top software development companies with a revolutionary idea in 1989 to make life easier for assembly manufacturers. Developing the UK’s first ever commercially available pen and tablet application (shown on BBC’s Tomorrows World), early software products enabled Jaguar Cars and Land Rover to make subjective quality records on their production line, take corrective decisions to enable greater levels of production quality from visual and functional data.

Software product diversity has grown the business to where it is today.

Our Directors

richard gamlin clarity software uk

Richard Gamlin


On a day-to-day basis, Richard runs the Clarity Software division which ensures thousands of reliant companies quote and deliver profitable business.


Nick Elkin


Directing the FLAGS Software division, Nick’s exceptional technical knowledge has resulted in significant manufacturing gains for JLR, Bentley and Aston Martin amongst many others.

1991 Tomorrow’s World: Touchscreen Invention

Touch Systems changed the face of manufacturing technology with a radical new inspection and control tool, creating the first pen-based touch screen application to be commercially available in the UK.

Such was the significance of the tool that it was featured being used in the paint shop of the Jaguar Land Rover plant on the iconic Tomorrow’s World programme in 1991.

These FLAGS tools provided the perfect solution for line and bespoke manufacturers to reach their goals of improved quality, faster delivery and increased customer satisfaction. Goals that are just as relevant today.

FLAGS manufacturing optimisation software enhances efficiency and performance through quality inspection, process monitoring and incident reporting. Tailored to your specific needs, FLAGS offers a fresh viewpoint into the assembly line process, capturing statistical data and using it to set new key performance goals that drive production results.

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The Clarity Software product range is designed to help progressive businesses grow with confidence. Systems need to work as one for expansion to be seamless and pain-free, which is where Clarity comes in, integrating all processes from first contact digital marketing, quoting, production, delivery and invoicing into accounting systems including Sage, Xero and QuickBooks.

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Brand Values

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What makes us different

Touch Systems’ accomplished service provides all types of forward-thinking businesses with innovative software solutions for quantifiable improvements. 

We write software which thousands use to run their companies every day. Working closely with clients and enjoying reaching targets is our passion