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Clarity Software, a product division of Touch Systems Limited, has successfully established itself as one of the UK’s best software developers for growing businesses. The Clarity range of products and services began in 2001 with the goal of simplifying quoting, order processing, manufacturing and invoicing for sign and display companies.

Now the Clarity developers have built a range to include a hybrid combination of MIS systems, CRM software, ERP solutions, cloud-based systems, mobile apps and locally installed systems – all working together to create a joined up world where critical data moves quickly and freely to the people who need it.

Clarity’s products and services transform your success. They creates new, more efficient ways to run the business by cutting down costs, increasing sales, reducing time and optimising output. Centralised working using locally installed and cloud-based systems means visibility of processes and results become instantly clear, enabling more powerful decisions to be made. It’s a business blueprint that’s proven to work. And our developers can see it’s relied upon by thousands of users.

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About Clarity Software

Clarity Software, a product division of Touch Systems Limited, has successfully established itself as one of the UK’s best software developers for growing businesses. The Clarity range of products and services began in 2001 with the goal of simplifying quoting, order processing, manufacturing and invoicing for sign companies.

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Our Services

Clarity Software

The flagship management information system Clarity Pro was the first product to launch from the Clarity range and offered an end-to-end MIS software system for growing businesses.

Considered and designed carefully to allow for controlled expansion, Clarity Pro provides functionality for all key areas of the business using a standard module set with powerful extras.



Easily add, edit and manage your business contacts in one place, including contact details, customer profile information and quick links to websites and colleagues.


Keep on top of all your activity. Log calls, meetings, tasks and more, setting reminders and notifications so you never forget to do anything. Use shared calendars for visibility of everything related to customers.


Generate leads and track campaign activity using the marketing module, filtering contacts into groups and analysing campaign spend compared to revenue generated.


Stay on top of deals with sales opportunity management, using sales pipeline analysis to drive activity and maximise sales. Analyse wins and losses to improve close ratios.

Price Lists

No more thumbing through catalogues! Organise your internal, supplier and website prices so everyone can access the latest ones. Apply discounts and price breaks and assemble multiple items into single products for sale..


Quote consistently and accurately for all types of job, printing or emailing quotes directly to customers using professionally branded templates. Create revisions with one click and protect margins using thresholds.


Raise invoices and credit notes in a flash, emailing them to customers to reduce paper and drive faster cash flow. Invoice in batches and set recurring invoices for repeat jobs.


Over 300 standard reports provide visibility right across the business, keeping you on top of KPIs and sharing critical details for decisive action.

Additional Modules

Clarity’s additional modules add powerful benefits into key areas of the business. Choose from Purchase Orders, Calc Wizards (for detailed estimating), Nesting, Goods & Stock Management, Production & Shop Floor, Deliveries with Proof of Delivery App, Cost Analysis and more.

Clarity Software is the engine behind your business – driving margins, streamlining processes, connecting your staff and improving working life. See what a difference it can make today.

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Clarity Go

Clarity Go, our cloud-based quoting, CRM, marketing and invoicing software is the perfect choice for commercial business on the move.

As it’s cloud-based, only a tablet or PC is required to get started and it runs purely through a web browser, meaning you can access it from anywhere with a good internet connection.

A mobile app offers phone-based working and all data synchronises two ways with other Clarity products such as Clarity Pro and Clarity Enterprise, keeping the field and office constantly connected.



Manage your contacts wherever, whenever using a simple interface rich in detail. Log, schedule and track all your activities, manage sales opportunities and stay organised to win more business.

Go Marketing

Push the brand and get more leads into the business! Segment highly targeted contact lists, design and send email campaigns, track campaign spend and automate responses to website visitors. Keep the business moving!

Go Quoting

Get the freedom to create, send and formally sign off quotations everywhere you go. Pick from structured price lists for consistency and see when quotes have been opened and confirmed using online signatures. Raise and send invoices directly from the system to get paid faster!

Go Enterprise

Ideal for group, multi-site and franchise companies, Clarity Go Enterprise offers a tiered structure to allow Head Offices to see down into their subsidiaries and create combined campaigns to drive group growth.

Web Forms

Respond to leads faster by capturing leads from your website directly into Clarity. Automatically trigger follow-up marketing and internal sales notifications. Manage events, create feedback forms and more!

Mobile Apps

The native Clarity Go app gives you access to all your contact details. Add new ones, see segmented lists and view customer locations using Maps integration. Log all your activities and keep your eye on those important sales numbers!

Add-ons & extras

Add more send credits, library storage space and different email sending accounts, order email templates and more.

Clarity Go gives inspirational entrepreneurs and commercial staff the freedom to run a business on the move, optimising time spent and accelerating the sales process to drive faster growth. Try it today.

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Clarity Proof of Delivery App

The Clarity POD app runs on most Apple and Android mobile devices and directly connects the office to site jobs in real time. The app logs start and finish times, captures job photos and takes digital signatures as sign-off evidence to prove delivery or installation has been completed. Working in conjunction with the Deliveries module in Clarity Pro and Clarity Enterprise, Clarity POD removes the doubt from the field, increases visibility and ensures you get paid for your invoices faster.



Accounting Software

Clarity joins up with third party software packages to provide integration for accounting. Clarity Pro and Enterprise link with Sage and QuickBooks software, whilst Clarity Go links with the cloud-based Xero accounts. This saves hours in double entry of data, tracks account status, passes information directly into the right nominal codes and finalises a business-wide ERP solution.

Flash data sync

Clarity’s unique Web to MIS® technology synchronises data between devices almost instantly. Called Flash Sync, this super-fast server process means as soon as data is entered in one Clarity system it is available in another, keeping you on the pulse wherever you are. No more going back to the office to find out what’s been going on in your absence!