Invitation to Tender

Touch Systems Limited-Office Expansion

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified Contractors for the attached described procurement project.

Introduction and Background to the Project / Programme

Touch Systems Limited currently occupy unit 7 The Pavilions but have recently acquired unit 6 The Pavilions and now wish to engage the services of a Contractor to enable the expansion into the additional unit.

The purpose and scope of this ITT and supporting documents is to explain in further detail the requirements of the Customer Organisation and the procurement process for submitting a tender proposal.

Contracting requirements

The contracting authority is the Customer Organisation, which includes any subsidiary companies and other organisations that control or are controlled by the Customer Organisation from time to time.

The appointed supplier will be expected to deliver the goods and/or provide services at the Customer Organisation’s offices at 6-7 The Pavilions, Cranmore Drive, Solihull, B90 4SB.

Tender Validity

Your tender response must remain open for acceptance by the Customer Organisation for a period of 60 days from the Tender Response Deadline. A tender response not valid for this period may be rejected by the Customer Organisation.;

Payment and Invoicing

The Customer Organisation will pay correctly addressed and undisputed invoices within 30 days in accordance with the requirements of the Contract. Suppliers to the Customer Organisation must ensure comparable payment provisions apply to the payment of their sub-contractors and the sub-contractors of their sub-contractors. General requirements for an invoice for the Customer Organisation include:

A description of the good/services supplied is included.

The Customer Organisation’s reference number/Purchase Order number is included.

It must be addressed to Touch Systems Limited.


Please see Appendix A


Subject to any changes notified to potential suppliers by the Customer Organisation in accordance with the Tender Conditions, the following timescales shall apply to this Procurement Process:


Activity Date / time
Issue of Contract Notice / availability of ITT documents 15th July 12.00
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline) 18th July 12.00
Customer Organisation to respond to clarification questions 19th July 12.00
Deadline for submission of ITT responses by potential suppliers

(Tender Response Deadline)

22nd July 17.00
Award decision letters issued 25th July 17.00
Contract start date 1st Aug 09.00


Instructions for Responding

The following requirements should be complied with when summiting your response to this ITT:

Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late tender responses may be rejected by the Customer Organisation.

Please ensure that information provided as part of its response is of sufficient quality and detail that an informed assessment of it can be made by the Customer Organisation.

All attachments/supporting documentation should be provided separately to your main tender response and clearly labelled to make it clear as to which part of your tender response it relates.

If you submit a generic policy /document you must indicate the page and paragraph reference that is relevant to a particular part of your tender response.

Your tender responses to the tender requirements and pricing will be incorporated into the Contract, as appropriate.

Clarification Requests

All clarification requests should be submitted by email to to by the Clarification Deadline, as set out in the Timescales section of this ITT. The Customer Organisation is under no obligation to respond to clarification requests received after the Clarification Deadline.

Tender Submission

Your submission should be provided in writing to the Customer Organisations address outlined in this document by the stated deadline.

Evaluation Criteria

You will have your tender response evaluated as set out below:

Tender responses will be checked to ensure that they have been completed correctly and all necessary information has been provided.

The tender response to the Customer Organisation’s requirements will be evaluated for best value for money whilst meeting the brief of the specification.


Thank you for your interest in working with Touch Systems Limited.


Kind regards


View Attached Documents:

Appendix A

Office Plans